USCIS Enhances Security by Redesigning Naturalization Certificate

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Alejandro Mayorkas, USCIS Director, made an announcement about the issuance of new, redesigned Form N-550 (Certificate of Naturalization.) The new Form N-550 incorporates enhanced security features to minimize the instances of immigration fraud.U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS) has started issuing the improved Form N-550 and expects to issue them to around 600,000 new citizens of the United States by next year.

During the launch of the redesigned naturalization certificate, Director Mayorkas assured that the production process of the new certificates will be fully automated by the end of this calendar year. By doing so, the consistency of the naturalization certificates will be increased apart reduction in the time taken to prepare the certificates. He also mentioned that the automated production process will be employed first at the USCIS offices in Denver, Atlanta, and Baltimore. The other USCIS offices will implement the automated production process within a period of 60 days.

The first redesigned naturalization certificates were distributed to the new citizens by Director Mayorkas at the USCIS Baltimore District Office. During this special naturalization ceremony, he stated that USCIS' efforts in reducing immigration fraudulent practices will be further enhanced by this new Form N-550.

Enhancements in the Redesigned Naturalization Certificate • The redesigned Form N-550 has a digitized photo of the candidate along with his/her signature embedded in it.
• The certificate also has color-shifting ink pattern background making it nearly impossible to replicate.
• Further, tamper-resistant technology is being used in the printing process ensuring that the naturalization certificates are tamper-proof.
• The latest physical security features have been incorporated into the new enhanced certificate and thus the chances of immigration fraud are reduced.
• Since the production process of certificates is automated, the certificated are more secured and there is a very minimal risk of human error.
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USCIS Enhances Security by Redesigning Naturalization Certificate

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This article was published on 2010/11/18
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