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Certificate in sonography programs are excellent options for students who want to work in the sonography field but don’t want to finish an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. With a certificate in sonography you can begin working right away and earning a paycheck. You can also continue your schooling in the future if you feel that you want more career choices. A certificate program such as this is the gateway to a new career that is possible even if you have to continue working as you learn and train.

You can typically complete a certificate program in sonography in six months to one year, while an associate’s degree will usually take two years, and a bachelor’s takes more like four, assuming you attend full time. During the completion of a reputable certificate program you will learn the basics of ultrasound technology, so you can safely and successfully record images of patients’ bodies for treatment and diagnoses.

The coursework in a sonography certificate program will cover topics such as abdominal sonography, acoustic physics, anatomy, clinical practice, obstetrics sonography and physiology. Students also receive hands on training and are often provided career counseling as they near graduation or immediately after to ensure placement in an employment opportunity following completion of the courses and exams that are required for certification. The training prepares students for work in clinics, doctor’s offices, hospitals and other settings. And it’s never too late to go back to school for an accredited degree once you have the certification – many of the courses from the original program will apply.

There are many options if you are thinking about entering into one of the certificate in sonography programs. You can attend a community college, vocational / trade school or online university. Many students prefer the online schooling model because they can complete their studies and attend classes on their own time without having to commute to a college campus. Whatever model works for you, just make sure the school you choose is accredited and has a good reputation in the sonography community. This will ensure smooth sailing once you begin your career.

Institutions offering quality Sonography Programs include, Argosy University, Kaplan University and Keiser University.

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Certificate in Sonography Programs

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This article was published on 2010/12/20